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About this task

As a UI designer, I was tasked with creating a celebratory pop-up screen to mark the first anniversary of the game. Additionally, I was responsible for designing banners for various networks as a complementary aspect of the main project.



Board King’s one year birthday celebration is coming up, and no celebration is complete without an in-game sale! For this we would like you to come up with an in-game pop up, letting our users know about the sale and get them excited about the occasion. Include the following information in your pop up:
● Headline: "B-DAY BLOWOUT SALE!"
● Content: "Get Up to 100% More Gems PLUS a Party with any Purchase"
● Call to Action (Button): Let’s Party

Work Process

To ensure that my designs adhered to the established rules and color scheme of the game, I took the time to fully immerse myself in playing it, gaining a deep understanding of its overall look and feel. With this knowledge, I then turned to studying the pop-up designs of other similar games, analyzing what elements were most effective in order to inform my own design choices. after all this process I was able to begin the process of creating wireframes and bringing my designs to life.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 184350.jpg

Pop-up Final Design

Social Final Design

Additional Designs

Disclaimer: Please note that all logos, images, characters, the game's name, and text belong to Playtika and Jellybean companies. My involvement in this project was part of my application for a position at Playtika. Despite making it to later stages of the hiring process, I was not ultimately selected for the position.

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