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UrbanFit embraces your individuality and connects its users with wardrobes solutions which fit their way of life and help them express who they really are.
With the combination of our vision and your mind, you can be more unique and especially you can be UrbanFit!


Urbanfit is a lifestyle brand for those who does not fit in other brands.


Urbanfit provides a shopping experience specially for your needs,
life styles and makes you trendy in your own way.

We stand for individuality, personalized and quality craftsmen-ship in all products we provide


We have developed an AI enhanced experience which can teach you and provide you with outfits that uniquely suit your preferences.


Typographic logo.
Each letter of the name has its own silhouette of a part of a city.
 together they combine a full skyline of an entire city.
In addition, the logo has a dirty grunge texture as a background.

The name of the logo was influenced by quotes
and sayings of famous people such as:

the site is designed with the use of 2 main monochromatic colors- black & white.

In addition there were touches of different shades

in between those colors.

urban jungle is the main font for website titles and for the logo. urbanfont is a free font for personal use by 
Kevin Christopher.*  

Serif font for running text in the website.
the font provided by Adobe and Designed by Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach. From Adobe Originals.

*this artwork is personal and did not come to promote any business or promotional product.
UrbanJungel is a free font for personal use by Kc and downloaded from DaFont website.

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