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In today's world, people don't want to be like the others. They want to stand out. They want to be special. They want to feel comfortable with themselves and what they wear. They feel that the garment is not what defines them, they are the ones that give the garment a new meaning. We live in a world with a lack of time, so why not at least make clothes buying fast while maintaining our uniqueness?


Omer works from morning to evening in the productions, he has no time to deal with shopping, the groceries shopping he does over the Internet before bedtime. If Omer has time, he prefers to take advantage of meeting friends and going to the gym. Talking to him, make me understand that most of his shirts had already been destroyed from filming days and he needed a new wardrobe and it was important for him to stand out with the clothing. He also said he hates going to shop for clothes, he doesn't like the whole experience of going into a fitting room and measuring and replacing until he finds something.

Omer | Tel-Aviv
Producer of reality shows



Bar loves her job, she has regular hours in the studio, She has the regular routine in the morning what to wear and what to combine. when she enters the studio everyone compliments her on what she is wearing, she loves that feeling and wants to preserve it. Talking to her make me understand that she want to increase her wardrobe but she exhausting from malls and she has found nothing unique and beautiful. She would rather quickly look for something that will stand out for her and in the mall it won't happen. Sometimes she orders jewelry that is not available in Israel.

Bar | Ramat Gan
Head of a design Team



Users want to be unique | They have no time to look for clothes | Shopping online


  • Concentrate in one place a wide and unique range of clothing Fast and safe shopping
  • To have a good experience to purchase new clothing 

User Research


Urbanfit provides a shopping experience specially for your needs, life styles and makes you trendy in your own way.

Urbanfit stand for individuality, personalized and quality craftsmen-ship in all products we provide

We have developed an AI enhanced experience which can teach you and provide you with outfits that uniquely suit your preferences.

UrbanFit embraces your individuality and connects its users with wardrobes solutions which fit their way of life and help them express who they really are.With the combination of our vision and your mind, you can be more unique and especially you can be UrbanFit

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