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University of Miami Digital Marketing LP

ThriveDX operates its cybersecurity and digital marketing curriculum in top 20 universities across the USA. In this task I had to characterize and design the landing page for University of Miami

A Quick Brief


Student Characterization

is likely a current student or recent graduate of the university who is interested in learning more about digital marketing and how to apply it in a professional setting. They are likely looking for a flexible and convenient way to gain knowledge and skills in the field, and may be interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing or related fields.

the age of the students at Miami University, would typically range from 18-22 years old for undergraduate students. the program is online, and only Miami University students have access to buy it, it's likely that the user is from Miami.

Visual strategy

  • With high-quality images and videos that showcase the potential career opportunities in digital marketing.

  • By using infographics to explain key concepts and how digital marketing works in an easy-to-understand way.

  • design with neon colors that look like the university's color palette to create an engaging and visually appealing layout.

  • Use a clear and concise CTA that tells students how to enroll or get more information about the program.



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Stag sans




Final Design

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