The only APP which helps you understand your pet

PeTionary is a free multilingual translation APP 

developed by Adam Agmon, which allows you to translate your pets to your own language.

This APP is available for both IOS and android.

PeTionary is built on a smart algorithm which makes it possible for the users to interact with their pets

In addition to translating between you and your pet, PeTionary knows how to conduct a dialogue between two animals in a smart way.


The challenge we faced was due to various stories we encountered from friends who did not understand their pet. The lack of understanding created frustration for the owner and the pet. 

In an age that is entirely technological, we have chosen to provide a solution in the best possible way using smart phone. The decoding engine we developed was embedded into a simple and easy application to operate

The logo consists of a combination of a pet’s ear inside the first letter of the APP's name.
The letter P is suitable for this because it has a hole that simulates an eye of a pet. The combination of the eye and the ear conveys the message that it is a pet-related app

The name is combined of the words “pet” and “dictionary” which is the essence of the application -  pet dictionary and their translation. 
The name was given after a few attempts of other names like:
“translate me”, “speak!”, “saywhat?”, “transpet” and more.

Non of them is as suitable as the chosen name "PeTionary".

Plump is a trademark of Monotype Typography Ltd.
used for main components in the app like:
Texts for activation buttons
Texts for large headlines

Helvetica LT Std is a sans-serif font who
used for readable and continuous
text in the app like:
translating text
Texts for small components
and other long texts in the setting

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